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Welcome to Arushi's World !

Hi, I’m Arushi. I’m very exited to share my social activities! You will find my blog very interesting, I PROMISE! I love art, traveling to new places, dancing and hairstyles because they inspire me a lot. You will find that my blog posts are not only interesting, but also inspiriting and educational. So stay tuned…

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My hobbies? Well, I have a lot of them…. I absolutely love art, singing, dancing, traveling and hair-styling because all of these things inspire me a lot. I have been doing art since I was little, like drawing and painting a little and I still love it! Dancing was always my thing because when I was 3 or so, every day I used to dance to the chicken dance, which my parents filmed. I also always participate in school dance groups so that I can always learn new moves! I have also represented my school by doing public speaking. I always sing or hum in my free time because it helps calm me down. Hair styling was always my thing, and it STILL is! I used to make hairstyles on my mum’s long hair and I now do it on my friends!
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