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In the summer school holidays, I went to Raging Waters in Blacktown. It was a lot of fun! There were many slides,including a new slide, the whirlwind and also a play area for little kids!

Starting to have fun!

In the mini version of the slides, I went with my little brother on the plain slide, It was boring, but also fun! After a little playing around, my family and I had a little snack, mini salted pretzels and biscuits! Yummy!

Trying to get a frozen treat!

Because it was so hot, my dad and I stood in the line to buy some frozen treats,but the man took so long and took no notice of us, so we went to the ice-creamery, which was nearby.When we got there, we were hoping to get the ice-cream but oh boy that line was long!




Aaahhh…. Ice-Cream!

At last, we got ice-cream! I got chocolate ice-cream with bubblegum ice-cream, which didn’t actually taste that good…My brother got English Toffee ice-cream (He didn’t even know what English Toffee is- he thought it was chocolate ice-cream! Thankfully, he ate it!) and my dad got Fairy Floss and Strawberry ice-cream for him and my mum.


Dinosaur Lagoon!

When we all finished our ice-cream, all of us went to Dinosaur Lagoon. It was THE BEST! There were lots and lots of ring floats for everyone there and the whole place was an oval, so you can just hang on to the float and it will take you around in a circle without you doing anything! After a while, I spotted that the line for one of the slides had gotten really short, so my mum and I went on The Curler which was the name of the slide.

The Last Bit of Fun!

it curved twice so that you could see the people in the water park. Dinosaur Lagoon looked REALLY COOL from above, with all of those ring floats! surprised The water slide was TERRIFYING because it went literally STRAIGHT DOWN!embarassed Sadly, after that we had to go back home because we had been there for around 3 hours! I had so much fun at Raging Waters and I’m probably going to go again sometime!laughing

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