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On Our Way To City

In the evening, on the 31st December 2019, my family decided to go to the 2020 New Year’s fireworks. We got ready and packed some snacks for us. When we reached Blacktown Station, there was basically only one train that went to North Sydney because the announcement said, “If you are travelling to North Sydney, please make your way to Platform 1”, so off we went to Platform 1. When we were in the train, my family took a lot of photos, especially from my dad’s Google Pixel 4XL, because it has the best quality camera, that makes the colours stand out more.

When we reached the city, there was a HUGE crowd coming out of the station. All of the people had most likely come for the fireworks. At first, we found a lovely spot where you could see almost everything, but there was an even better spot that my dad found in a garden, which already had lots of people there.

9 PM Firework!

All of the people eagerly waiting for the 9 o’ clock
fireworks to start. Some people playing music, people dancing, eating snacks, playing games and of course, talking a lot! While we waited for the fireworks, my mum took out the snacks, which were only mint-chocolate biscuits because my little brother had eaten the half packet of chips and the little packet of chocolate biscuits. I was playing snake on my cell phone when my mum yelled “Arushi! Look! I think the fireworks are going to begin!” , I looked up to see that indeed they were almost about to begin, but it was on the Anzac Bridge . I took a video when the Harbour Bridge fireworks started as well as the Anzac Bridge fireworks.

 Taking a break

After all that was done, we all went to have a look around. While walking around, I saw this lady, selling flower tiaras which had LED lights on them. The tiaras were for $10! I asked my dad if we could get two for me and my mum and surprisingly, he said yes! My mum and I took a photo of us wearing them when an ambulance went by, that’s why there are blue and red lights flashing behind us. We took a few photos here and there and after that, everyone got hungry, so we decided to go to Central, eat at Central and then go back to North Sydney to see 12 am 2020 fireworks! We went to Central, and for dinner, we had one kebab, two pizza slices, chicken popcorn and a burger, which was enough for a family of four. By the time we were finished, it was 11:40 pm! So we quickly went to the city, so we wouldn’t miss the fireworks.

Finally, its 12 AM , 1st Jan 2020

We reached the city just 10 minutes before the fireworks began. My mum found a lovely spot where you could see almost all of the Harbour Bridge. We took many photos and videos of the beautiful fireworks with many patterns and colours, shapes and sizes,twists and twirls. This beauty lasted for 20 whole minutes, and when the fireworks were about to finish, we quickly tried to go back to the station to get into a train quickly, before it gets crowded. We were basically the only people in the carriage because there were only a few more people with us!

On Our Way Back to Home

Seated in the train, exhausted and sleepy my family was probably the most comfortable family since we were one of the first people to get a seat. My little brother slept immediately in about 5 minutes on my mum’s lap and me? I slept with the support of my dad’s shoulder. He said I was slightly snoring! Hmm… I think that explains all of the people staring at me when my dad woke me up! We reached our house and by the time we all slept again, it was around 2:30 am! I had so much fun at North Sydney, I will never forget 2020 New Year’s Day!

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